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Soundproof doors

Soundproof doors
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Soundproof doors

dB Vib Ingenierie offers two types of soundproof doors:

Soundproof doors for Premises (SDP) from 35 to 50 dB:
These doors are designed for easy and fast installation, which is why their frames are delivered fully assembled and all the locks are fitted in the factory.

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Our soundproof doors for premises can be installed (among other places):

  • In concert halls and performance halls.
  • In premises housing generators.
  • As an access door for cladding in our EKOFLEX and EKOPHONE designs
  • In offices adjoining a noisy production workshop.

Custom-made doors:

In addition to our standard range of soundproof doors (SDP), we design and develop custom-made doors of larger dimensions or with very high acoustic performance.

Designed specifically for each application, these doors can be automated and have access control.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Automated access control.
  • Motorised and automated doors.
  • Performance validation measurements after installation.
  • Smoke and fire-proof doors.

For any noise attenuation requirement or specific dimensions, please do not hesitate to contact us.