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Atmospheric Vent Silencers

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Atmospheric Vent Silencers

In all industries using fluids under pressure, the noise caused by the expansion of fluid represents a major challenge in terms of compliance with environmental noise standards.

Atmospheric Vent Silencers (AVS) are designed to reduce the noise generated by valve and purge outlets when a fluid expands (air, nitrogen, steam, etc.).
The specific sizing of each silencer is based on the flow parameters and the desired residual noise level.


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Attenuation is achieved concurrently by two methods:

  • Attenuation using an expansion system: with our inlet diffusers.
  • Attenuation using a dissipative system which works on the principle of the absorption of medium and high frequencies.

Our engineers and technicians use their expertise to size these systems according to your requirements.

They can also help you design a silencer according to your constraints and they will ensure the aeraulic and acoustic performance requirements are met.