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Acoustic corrections of buildings
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Soundproofing solutions

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Enclosures and Booths

dB Vib Ingenierie offers you a turnkey service for the provision of sound insulation enclosures and booths. We offer two types of system which can be used indoors as well as outside so you can soundproof sources of noise  

Acoustic partitions and screens

dB Vib Ingenierie designs and manufactures all types of acoustic partitions and screens for both indoors and out. These screens reduce noise propagation into the environment  by forming a physical barrier. The effectiveness of a screen or partition depends as much on its position and height as on the materials it is made from.

Soundproof doors

dB Vib Ingenierie offers two types of soundproof doors: Soundproof doors for Premises (SDP) from 35 to 50 dB: These doors are designed for easy and fast installation, which is why their frames are delivered fully assembled and all the locks are fitted in the factory.

Acoustic corrections of buildings

In open field and in the absence of obstacles, an individual only perceives the direct noise emitted by a source and the level falls by 6 dB for each doubling of the source distance. In a building, the reverberant sound reflected from the inner surfaces (walls and ceiling) is perceived to be louder. This reverberant […]

Flexible soundproofing

dB Vib Ingenierie offers a flexible soundproofing system “SIS” made from a combination of sound-absorbent materials bagged and sewn into a heavy duty industrial material. This system is used for soundproofing when it is not possible to use rigid panel enclosures.

Atmospheric Vent Silencers

In all industries using fluids under pressure, the noise caused by the expansion of fluid represents a major challenge in terms of compliance with environmental noise standards. Atmospheric Vent Silencers (AVS) are designed to reduce the noise generated by valve and purge outlets when a fluid expands (air, nitrogen, steam, etc.). The specific sizing of each […]

Engine silencers

Engine Exhaust Silencers (EES) are designed to attenuate exhaust noise from noise pollution from power generators or internal combustion engines. dB Vib Engineering sizes its silencers so they meet your specific requirements. A full range of units is available in our catalogue from the DN100 up to the DN800. Our engineers can also develop silencers for […]

Ventilation silencers

In the building sector, there are many noise problems related to the circulation of fluids in ventilation networks. dB Vib Ingenierie provides solutions to attenuate the noise in these systems. There are several types of silencing technologies available according to the flow rate, pressure drops and noise control solution sought. Our range of ventilation silencers […]

Absorbent foams

Absorbent foams Among its range of sound-absorbing materials, dB Vib Ingenierie offers a selection of absorbent foams for simple and effective insulation reinforcement.

Heavy foils

dB Vib Engineering offers a range of heavy foils made of viscoelastic bitumen material. They are used to dampen vibrations and to provide a mass filler (to increase insulation) in building or industrial applications. These products are supplied in rolls or sheets in thicknesses between 2.5 and 6 mm depending on the desired mass per […]