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dB Vib Ingenierie designs numerous system to renew the ambient air in your premises but also to extract stale air and reintroduce fresh air for all your processes.

Numerous studies have shown that the deterioration of working conditions (hot, cold, smells, etc.) have an undeniable impact on the physical and mental well-being of operators. Their effects may manifest as a decline in performance or an increased risk of an accidents.


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In order to meet your air handling requirements, whether locally or for the whole of your industry, we offer to install suitable ventilation systems so you can manage, if necessary, data concerning temperature, hygrometry, etc. The extracted air is replaced with fresh outdoor air which can be treated.


The installation of a ventilation system should take various criteria into account (volume of air to treat, work station, type of diffusion possible, constraints associated with your processes, etc.) and will address the problem:

  • Locally (or zoning): treatment of work stations and areas used by operators.
  • Generally:treatment of the whole premises with the renewal rate required for your process.


Our range of products includes:

  • Roof extraction towers and fans
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Air handling units