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Transport of waste and centralised cleaning

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Transport of waste and centralised cleaning
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Transport of waste and centralised cleaning

The transport of waste and centralised cleaning have the same basic principles as dust removal but are also suitable for bulkier and/or heavy products (paper, ballasts, shavings and banks).

Depending on the applications,  pre-separation is needed before the final air filtration.
The calculations should therefore take account of the data specific to the treated product:

  • Density and volume of the product
  • Speed of collection
  • Minimum transport speed
  • Transported volume
  • Dilution
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dB Vib Ingenierie offers different services depending on your requirements:


Transport of waste

Before being transported, waste that is too bulky can be crushed, shredded or cut down. According to the type and quantity of waste, the air/material separation can be carried out in two ways:

  • Cyclonic pre-separation or gravity pre-separation; the dust laden air is then recovered and treated with a standard dust extractor
  • Cycloning and filtration of waste and air in a cyclo-filter


Centralised cleaning

These systems can be used to clean floors and machines, when the use of a brush is not allowed. They are particularly useful for large surface areas and multi-story buildings.



In this type of installation, given the large amount of material transported, special attention should be given to the type of receptacle. The choice depends on:

  • the available handling equipment
  • the recycling options
  • the type of treated product