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Industrial cooling and air conditioning

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Industrial cooling and air conditioning

dB Vib Ingenierie creates and installs a whole range of air conditioning units in industrial settings to address your various climate control issues.

Air conditioning can regulate and control the temperature and humidity of your premises for enhanced comfort (users) or for technical requirements (safety, process reliability, etc.)

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The determination of the power of the air conditioning units takes the thermal load parameters of the building and meteorological conditions of the building into account.


Two main technologies enable this regulation:

  • Chilled water air conditioning system
  • Direct expansion air conditioning system (coolant)


dB Vib incorporates air conditioning units into your test methods. Air conditioning units improve the comfort of users and/or evacuate the heat generated by the equipment and tested specimens.

dB Vib also offers solutions for the treatment of your electrical facilities. For this application, we can also offer direct blowing through a false floor to keep your sensitive electrical facilities even cooler.