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Flexible soundproofing

flexible soundproofing
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Flexible soundproofing

dB Vib Ingenierie offers a flexible soundproofing system “SIS” made from a combination of sound-absorbent materials bagged and sewn into a heavy duty industrial material.

This system is used for soundproofing when it is not possible to use rigid panel enclosures.

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Our “SIS” range is frequently used for:

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation of pumps
  • Pipe networks
  • Conveyors
  • Special machines

Our flexible soundproofing systems are particularly popular for thermo-acoustic enclosures on pipes, valves and pumps.

This type of enclosure is preferred over the standard “hard” enclosure when space is an important consideration. In addition, the attachments between the panels are robust and easy to handle.

Technical specifications:

  • Different thicknesses and weights according to acoustic performance.
  • High-temperature product possible.
  • Assembly via eyelet, velcro and loops.