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dB Vib Ingénierie produces and installs a whole range of filters to treat your various pollutants (smoke, steam, oil mist, odours and solvents)

Once these pollutants have been captured, they are taken for filtration (or direct release into the atmosphere according to the applicable regulations) via ductwork and an extractor fan. They are then treated and filtered.

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There are different filtration techniques depending on the pollutant (media, washing, absorption, oxidation). That is why we offer methods of capture specific to your work station:

  • Spray and sanding booths
  • Suction tables
  • Mobile suction units
  • Suctioning arms



Once the air has been captured, it can be treated in various different ways:

  • Directly released to the outside
  • Released to the outside after undergoing filtration
  • Recycled after purification