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Enclosures and Booths

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Enclosures and Booths

dB Vib Ingenierie offers you a turnkey service for the provision of sound insulation enclosures and booths.

We offer two types of system which can be used indoors as well as outside so you can soundproof sources of noise


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The EKOFLEX enclosure system:

The framework of the EKOFLEX system is made from aluminium profiles. In the corners, these profiles slot into couplings to constitute the main frame. This design is particularly suited for enclosure solutions. We offer EKOMODULE panels which can be cut to size and easily fitted into the frames. Assembly is easy, fast and provides quick access to different parts of the equipment by simply removing the panels.
EKOPHONE booth system:

The EKOPHONE design, which uses our PCC modular panels:

Our standard solution ensures high-acoustic-efficiency and easy installation. Our different modules ensure access, visibility and ventilation.and aluminium structure, means we can design your enclosures, booths and partitions quickly.

Our systems are made from anodised aluminium making them durable and lightweight when fitting. Assembly and installation of the enclosures and booths can be carried out by us as part of our overall service delivery or by yourselves if you prefer.

Our teams of engineers and technicians will oversee your entire project, taking acoustic and thermal, but also maintenance access and production constraints into account.

For any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.