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Dust removal

Dust removal
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Dust removal 3
dust removal by dry process
dust removal by wet process
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Dust removal

dB Vib Ingenierie examines your problem to provide you with the most appropriate dust removal system.

The dust removal process involves moving the dust collected in a polluted environment, separating it from the air transporting it and collecting it in a receptacle that can be evacuated.

The system consists of a dust collector, ductwork and an extractor fan.

Suction points are designed to optimise the air flow generated without compromising the quality of the capture. The collection of dust at the dust collector outlet is adaptable depending on the volume of dust treated. If need be, we take the acoustic impact of our installation into account.

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There are 2 dust separation techniques depending on their nature:

  • Dry dust collectors use compressed air to automatically clean the filter media (sleeves or pockets) or cartridges.
  • Wet dust collectors where dust is collecting using a liquid, typically water. They are generally used for greasy, sticky or incandescent dust

TEX dust collectors that can treat all types of dust (fine, fibrous, explosive, sticky, hygroscopic).