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Anechoic room

Anechoic room
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Anechoic room

Anechoic room

Within the context of research, development, improvement or certification of equipment noise levels, manufacturers (Renault, Liebherr, etc.) and research institutes (CNRS,; LMA, CTTM, LAUM, etc.) need acoustic testing rooms.

The most well-known of these rooms is the anechoic room or soundproof room.

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The ISO 3740 series of standards allows three levels of expertise to be qualified.

The anechoic room meets standard 3745 on the determination of sound power levels using sound pressure-precision methods.

These rooms recreate what are known as free-field conditions with no perceptible reverberant sounds. These anechoic rooms are characterised by maximum absorption (>99%) at the lowest frequency at which the absorption is effective, called the cut-off frequency (Cf).


Through its experience in this field, dB Vib Engineering offers a flexible turnkey solution with various absorbing technologies (wool wedges, fabric-covered wool wedges, wool wedges covered with perforated sheet metal, melamine wedges). We cover all the various stages of your projects from the study phase through to final acceptance. The various steps for defining an acoustic test room are:

  • Assessment of customer constraints (ventilation, handling, operation, size of the specimens to test, etc.)
  • Assessment of the chosen measurement methods (sonometry, intensimetry, holography, vibration, etc.)
  • Definition of the objectives (isolation, absorption, decay, background noise, cut-off frequency, etc.) in collaboration with dB Vib Consulting.
  • Sizing study of the rooms (dimensions, constitution of the inner surfaces, ventilation, decoupling, openings, windows, lighting, cable routing, etc.)
  • Acceptance of the rooms (isolation measurements, background noise measurements, sound decay, etc.) in collaboration with dB Vib Consulting