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Acoustic partitions and screens

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Acoustic partitions and screens

dB Vib Ingenierie designs and manufactures all types of acoustic partitions and screens for both indoors and out.

These screens reduce noise propagation into the environment  by forming a physical barrier.

The effectiveness of a screen or partition depends as much on its position and height as on the materials it is made from.

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Our range of acoustic screens have the following have the following applications:

  • Road screens.
  • Sound insulating and sound absorbing screens indoors and outdoors.
  • Screens on refrigeration units.


Our range of mobile acoustic partitions have the following applications:

  • Mobile and flexible partitions for an office or workshop.
  • Acoustic screens on machines.


With a full range of acoustic panels and partitions and using our simulation software, we are able to manage your treatment project from the initial acoustic assessment right through to installation, incorporating all the legislative and normative parameters.

We will incorporate:

  • The maximum noise level on the property boundary and in the noise protection area.
  • Resistance of the structure according to the snow, wind and DTU standard.
  • Your maintenance and service access on your equipment.

For any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.