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Absorbent foams

dB melamine foams
dB PU foams
dB agglomerated foams
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Absorbent foams

Absorbent foams

Among its range of sound-absorbing materials, dB Vib Ingenierie offers a selection of absorbent foams for simple and effective insulation reinforcement.

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dB PU foams:

This range of expanded polyurethane foams is supplied in sheets.
They rapidly and effectively reduce reverberation in cladding or a metal enclosure (ventilation duct, extractor hood). They have a protective polyurethane covering on the visible side and can be supplied with self-adhesive backing.
dB melamine foams:

These light and supple melamine foams are noted for their excellent noise absorption properties (open cell structure), as well as for their M1 fire resistance rating (non flammable product) and chemical resistance.
Easy to cut, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this melamine foam has become a benchmark in both the building and industrial sectors.
dB agglomerated foams:

Made from several types of polyurethane foam, these foams have multiple acoustic properties (absorption, acoustic insulation and insulation from impact noises). This versatility also ranks them as one of the leading products in both the building and industrial sectors.
This foam can also be protected by a PU in order to hide the irregular appearance of the foam. They can also be combined with heavy foils to increase their acoustic insulation properties.
All these foams are available with self-adhesive backing so they can be stuck to sheet metal to create a insulating/absorbing structure.