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Noise engineering and Air Treatment Solutions

Noise engineering and air treatment Solutions

conception and realization turnkey

Design, realization, installation and commissioning

Project monitoring and quality control to ensure turnkey availability.


Solutions for each of your issues

Acoustic comfort, reduction of environmental noise pollution, process improvement, your customized test facilities

Noise engineering and Air treatment

dB Vib Ingenierie conceives, realizes and installs all your solutions of noise reduction and air treatment by taking into account your constraints.

  • Equipments treatment (enclosures and booths)
  • Buildings treatment (walls, ceilings, floors, doors)
  • Treatment of ventilation noises
  • Treatment of noise in the environment (screens, engine silencers, …)
Treatment of equipments and buildings but also treatment of ventilation noises and noise in the environment.
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Turnkey realization of an acoustic enclosure on Stone Hammer Blow Testing Instrument

dB Vib Ingenierie has just completed the turnkey realization of an acoustic booth on Stone Hammer Blow Testing Instrument to reduce the noise perceived by operators. For this realization, dB Vib has made an EKOFLEX acoustic booth consisting of acoustic panels made of pre-lacquered sheets resting on an isolation joint and held on the ground by fixing […]

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